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#17: The “God Gap” and Final 2016 Campaign Thoughts

This month on Impolite Conversation, we talk with a scholar who wants to challenge the conventional wisdom on the “God gap,” and then look back on the 2016 campaign, as well as forward to the next four years. And in One Last Thing, Dan has a thing for bulletproof guys in hoodies and Tim ruminates on a little-discussed aspect of the polling process.

Some of the things we discussed on the show:

Original air date: 11/1/16.

#14: Supreme Court Roundup 2016

On this episode, we chat with friend of the show Ann Duncan about the Supreme Court term that just ended and how the death of Justice Scalia affected the decisions (or lack thereof). And in One Last Thing, Dan finds beauty in the 2008 film For My Father and Tim finds ugliness in the ESPN documentary Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL?

Original air date: 8/2/2016

#13: Using the Bible in Political Debate

In this month’s episode we talk with Frances Flannery, co-editor of the forthcoming book, The Bible in Political Debate: What Does It Really Say?, about how politicians use the Bible and how biblical scholars wish they would do so. And in One Last Thing (OLT), Dan is Fall-ing for Gillian Anderson, and Tim has found yet another podcast.


Dan’s OLT was about the BBC TV show The Fall

Tim’s OLT was about the new WNYC podcast More Perfect

Original air date: 7/5/2016

#12: Politics and Theology at the Cinema

Alyssa Rosenberg of the Washington Post talks to us about the political and religious messages that may (or may not) be lurking in that summer institution, the popcorn movie. And in One Last Thing, Dan mourns a pair of passing artists and Tim has a trio of recommendations.

Some of the things we discussed in this episode:

Alyssa mentioned the Three Body series.

Dan’s OLT was about the art of Darwyn Cooke and the music of Guy Clark.

Tim’s OLT was about the web series Con Man, the podcast The Allusionist, and the music of the DeLorean Sisters.

Original air date: 6/7/2016

#11: Fracturing of the Christian Right and the Religious “Gender Gap”

This month we talk to Carin Robinson, co-author of Onward Christian Soldiers: The Religious Right in American Politics, about the current state of the Christian Right now that no single organization can credibly claim to be its voice. And in an installment of “Pew Does Our Job for Us,” we discuss an analysis the Pew Research Center released in March showing women to be more religious than men in almost every country in the world. Finally, in “One Last Thing,” Dan has a bone to pick with Zack Snyder and Tim wants to talk about guns.

Original air date: 5/3/2016

#10: Islamophobia and What to Do About It

In this month’s episode, Tim Hill and Dan Clanton speak with Todd Green of Luther College about his new book, The Fear of Islam: An Introduction to Islamophobia in the West. And in “One Last Thing,” Dan has seen the film Deadpool twice and Tim has yet to see the musical Hamilton even once.

Original air date: 4/5/2016

#9: Paul Hanson’s Book and Antonin Scalia’s Death

In episode 9, we talk to the eminent Bible scholar Paul D. Hanson about his new book, “A Political History of the Bible in America.” And instead of One Last Thing, we bring back Ann Duncan of Goucher College to help us understand what Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s recent death means for the Court and for issues of church and state.

Original air date: 3/1/2016

#7: Hillary Clinton’s Religion and Iowa Caucus Preview

In this month’s episode, we talk to Melissa Deckman of Washington College and the Public Religion Research Institute about how Hillary Clinton’s faith impacts her politics. Then we discuss how the presidential race is shaping up in Iowa with Sarah McCammon of NPR. And in One Last Thing, Dan rhapsodizes about Tony Bennett’s memoir and Tim worries about normal human reactions interfering with our driverless future.

Original air date: 1/5/2016