#70: What Six Years of Imp Convo Has Meant

On this our final episode, we talk to a few of the people that made this venture possible, and then we chat with each other  about what the experience has meant to us. And in One Last Thing (a segment whose name has never been so apt), we reach for bits of culture that help us come to terms with what we’re losing.

Some of the things we discussed in this episode:

In our conversation with our repeat guests, we referenced Newdow v. US and Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health.

In our conversation with our editors, we alluded to the great freeware Audacity and the Lincoln, Nebraska institution that is Stauffer’s Café and Pie Shoppe.

Dan’s One Last Thing was Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Tim’s One Last Thing was the Ancillary Justice trilogy.

0:00-4:53: Introduction

4:57-31:35: Conversations with friends

31:40-43:25: Reflections

43:30-46:59: Dan’s OLT

47:00-49:26: Tim’s OLT

49:27-50:53: Credits

50:37-51:44: Extended Outtake (from episode 13)


Thank you for listening these past six years! This show has been a labor of love, and it has been a pleasure and privilege for us to produce it each month. We hope you have gotten half as much out of listening to it as we have out of producing it. –Tim and Dan