#68: The “Love Jihad”

This month, we talk to Laura Dudley Jenkins, author of Religious Freedom and Mass Conversion in India, about the Indian conspiracy theory known as the “love jihad.” And in One Last Thing, Dan splits theological hairs in discussing an animated Star Wars series, while Tim is feeling (ahem) somewhat more expansive.

Some of the things we discussed in this episode:

Dan mentioned the Deepa Mehta film Fire and the resulting riots.

Dr. Jenkins mentioned this story of a boy whose clock was mistaken for a bomb and the research that suggests it’s easier to inoculate people against conspiracy theories than debunk them after the fact.

She also talked about how farfetched theories provide good signals of group unity. And this story from last summer is a good example of QAnon craziness interfering with genuine efforts to stop sex trafficking.

Tim mentioned the Satanic Panic, which in some ways is still going on.

Dan’s One Last Thing was Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Tim’s One Last Thing was The Expanse.

0:00-1:12: Introduction

1:16-39:07: Jenkins interview

39:12-44:24: Dan’s OLT

44:25-47:42: Tim’s OLT

47:43-48:51: Credits