#66: Religious Clothing Norms and the Biden Inauguration

This month, we talk to a researcher at the Pew Research Center about her work on the harassment women face around the globe when their clothing is deemed either too secular or too religious. And then we have a chat about the Trump years just ended and our expectations for the newly-installed Biden Administration. And in One Last Thing, Dan is engaging his “lizard brain,” while Tim is worrying about those who spread rumors of lizard people.

Some of the things we talked about in this episode:

We can’t talk about Christian nationalism without mentioning the work of Katherine Stewart, Bradley Onishi, and Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry.

In the early days of the Trump Administration, there was much talk of Trump playing the role of King Cyrus.

Dan mentioned this book by Lynn Davidman, and Tim referenced this article about the backlash to one particular Biden executive order.

Donald Trump has a lot of respect for the sacrament of communion.

Dan’s One Last Thing was the NBC sitcom Superstore.

Tim’s One Last Thing was the book A Lot of People Are Saying.

0:00-1:10: Introduction

1:15-7:18: Majumdar interview

7:23-38:57: Inauguration conversation

39:02-41:46: Dan’s OLT

41:47-44:56: Tim’s OLT

44:57-46:02: Credits

46:06-46:18: Outtake