#64: The Orange Wave

This month we talk to friend-of-the-show Bradley Onishi from the podcast Straight White American Jesus about his extraordinary podcast miniseries The Orange Wave. And in One Last Thing, Dan goes highbrow and Tim does…not.

Some of the things we talked about in this episode:

Brad mentioned several books: The End of Empathy by John Compton, The Shadow Network by Anne Nelson, Unholy by Sara Posner, and The Power Worshippers by Katherine Stewart. (And here’s last month’s show, featuring Ms. Stewart!)

Brad also mentioned President Trump’s declaration that “I don’t think science knows” and Senator Mike Lee’s recent tweets about democracy, which drew a lot of attention.

Tim discussed the empirical literature on conspiracy theories, including the finding that there are about as many truther Democrats as birther Republicans.

Dan’s One Last Thing was the podcast Erroll Garner Uncovered.

Tim’s One Last Thing included this Channel 4 report, but was mostly about the trailer for Fatman. (Note: In the episode, Tim wrongly identified Channel 4 as part of the BBC. It is a for-profit, commercial station. He regrets the error.)

0:00-2:04: Introductions and an announcement

2:08-35:54: Onishi interview

35:59-38:30: Dan’s OLT

38:31-40:41: Tim’s OLT

40:41-41:48: Credits