#62: The Politics and Religion of QAnon

This month we talk to Marc-André Argentino about where QAnon came from, where it might be going, and how it’s starting to look more like a religion than a simple belief or set of beliefs. And in One Last Thing, Dan is relaxing with a cartoon, and Tim is grumbling about a cartoonish theological argument.

Some of the things we discussed in this episode:

Mr. Argentino made reference to theodicy, Dominionism, and “red pilling.”

He also mentioned Pizzagate, the Wayfair conspiracy theory, the “Satanic panic,” Plandemic, and the recent “Save the Children” rallies. And he talked about the Omega Kingdom Church, though he didn’t mention it by name.

Finally, he discussed the work of Joseph Uscinski and the idea of hyperreality invented by the philosopher Jean Baudrillard. Here is an article Argentino published about QAnon as a “hyperreal religion.”

Dan brought up the fact that QAnon is global now, and referenced a recent Atlantic article by Adrienne LaFrance.

Tim discussed his own Twitter run-in with the tribe of Q.

Dan’s One Last Thing was about Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Tim’s One Last Thing was about God’s Not Dead.


0:00-1:21: Introductions

1:25-37:39: Argentino interview

37:44-40:43: Dan’s OLT

40:43-45:37: Tim’s OLT

45:37-46:41: Credits

46:46-46:53: Outtake