#59: Christian Nationalism & COVID and AKA Jane Roe

On this episode of Impolite Conversation, we invited Andrew Whitehead, co-author of Taking America Back for God, back on the show to explain to us how Christian nationalism complicates life in a pandemic. Then we chatted about the new FX documentary AKA Jane Roe. And in One Last Thing, Dan is glad he gave a show another chance, and Tim has branched out into a new form of comfort viewing.

Some of the things we talked about on this show:

Dan mentioned Bruce Lincoln’s book Holy Terrors.

Andrew talked about this sign from an anti-closure rally.

He also mentioned two books, Thy Kingdom Come by Randall Balmer and The Power Worshippers by Katherine Stewart.

Here is the story of Nino Vitale, who refuses to wear a mask because he believes his face is made in the image of God.

And here is some polling information regarding evangelicals, and regarding COVID.

Finally, here is some background about Operation Rescue.

Dan’s OLT was season 2 of Titans.

Tim’s OLT was Gourmet Makes from Bon Appetit. He recommends starting with the Pop-Tarts episode.

0:00-1:01: Introduction

1:05-21:50: Whitehead interview

21:54-38:20: AKA Jane Roe discussion

38:24-40:58: Dan’s OLT

40:58-43:42: Tim’s OLT

43:42-44:44: Credits