#58: The American Church’s Complicity With Racism

On this month’s episode, we talk to Jemar Tisby, author of The Color of Compromise, about the shameful history of the American church’s complicity with racism and racial oppression. And in One Last Thing, Dan and Tim switch personalities: Dan has been listening to a podcast, while Tim has been listening to an audiobook.

Some of the things we discussed in this episode:

Mr. Tisby mentioned the books The Civil War as a Theological Crisis, by Mark Noll and White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo.

Mr. Tisby also talked about GT Gillespie, Myrlie Evers and the Supreme Court decision Shelby County v. Holder. He also encouraged listeners to watch all of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, which too often gets reduced to the single sentence about “the content of their character.”

Tim brought up Lee Atwater’s infamous comments about race and winning elections, and he and Mr. Tisby talked about Republicans’ strange insistence on turning ballot access into a partisan issue.

Dan mentioned Orval Faubus, Vincent Harding, and the book Noah’s Curse, by Stephen Haynes.

Dan’s OLT was the podcast Office Ladies.

Tim’s OLT was the book Destiny of the Republic, by Candice Millard.

0:00-1:19: Introduction

1:23-34:59: Tisby interview

35:04-40:11: Dan’s OLT

40:11-43:47: Tim’s OLT

43:48-44:55: Credits