#56: Nerd Podcasting Supergroup!

This month on Impolite Conversation, we join forces with the guys at Straight White American Jesus (you should really go subscribe) to form a nerd podcasting supergroup! Then…the four of us just sit around and talk about evangelicals in America and Brazil. And in One Last Thing, Dan and Tim have both been watching Amazon Prime, but for very different reasons.

Some of the things we talked about on this show:

Tim went back to his high school days reminiscing about The Arsenio Hall Show, but what Dan wanted was Super Friends.

Mitt Romney’s historic vote in the impeachment trial might have something to do with Donald Trump’s relative unpopularity in Utah. In any case, Utahns seem to be okay with it.

No one (in America, anyway) knows more about Bolsonaro and Brazilian evangelicals than Amy Erica Smith.

Tim mentioned this climate change commercial from 2007.

Dan mentioned the Left Behind series and the bluegrass song “Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb.”

Tim also referenced Jonathan Chait’s article about how Republicans hold a globally unique position on climate change among mainstream conservative parties.

Dan just wants everyone to remember that Anita Bryant once got a pie in the face.

Dan’s One Last Thing was about Star Trek: Discovery.

Tim’s One Last Thing was about Troop Zero.

And in case you missed the reference, here is Ron Swanson enjoying Lagavulin. And here is more information about the Voyager probes and the golden records.

0:00-1:42: Introduction

1:46-40:53: SWAJ conversation

40:57-44:02: Dan’s OLT

44:02-47:30: Tim’s OLT

47:31-48:30: Credits

48:34-48:57: Outtake