#55: The Politics of Chosen-ness and Trump on Religious Liberty

For February, we talk to Michael Coogan about his book God’s Favorites: Judaism, Christianity, and the Myth of Divine Chosenness. Then Dan and Tim about the new rules announced by the Trump Administration last month regarding religious liberty. And in One Last Thing, Dan has been staying in to watch TV, and Tim has been going out to the movies.

Some of the things we talked about in this episode:

Dan mentioned the book I Still Believe and the classic article “Canaanites, Cowboys, and Indians.”

Dr. Coogan alluded to those evangelicals who believe Trump’s election was the result of divine intervention. Here is the show we did in March 2019 on the movie The Trump Prophecy.

You can read about the event at which Trump announced his new religious liberty rules (and see video of some of it) here.

This is the famous (or infamous, depending on you point of view) Christianity Today editorial that Tim referenced.

Dan’s OLT was The Mandalorian.

Tim’s OLT was Knives Out. He also mentioned this conversation about the movie at the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast.


0:00-1:28: Introduction

1:32-21:43: Coogan interview

21:48-32:21: Religious liberty conversation

32:26-36:02: Dan’s OLT

36:03-39:24: Tim’s OLT

39:25-40:30: Credits

40:36-40:52: Outtake