#54: Uighur Erasure in China

This month, we get our good friend Courtney back in front of the microphone to discuss the “cultural genocide” occurring in Xinjiang province in northwest China. And in our year-reviewing One Last Thing, we’re both thinking about Netflix original series as ways to encapsulate 2019.

There isn’t a lot of stray talk in this episode, but you can learn more about the oppression of the Uighurs here, here, here, and here. And here is the UN definition of genocide.

Dan’s OLT was about season 3 of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Tim’s OLT was about Netflix’s Russian Doll.

0:00-1:00: Introduction

1:05-38:44: Uighur conversation

38:48-40:41: Dan’s OLT

40:42-43:41: Tim’s OLT

43:42-44:48: Credits

44:53-44:57: Outtake