#50: Teaching the Teachers and What We’ve Learned

It’s our 50th episode! This month we talk to Christopher Murray, a DC-area high school teacher who started a program to teach his colleagues about the religious diversity they might find among their students. And then we spend a few minutes chatting about what we’ve learned in our first 50 episodes. Finally, in One Last Thing, Dan is going on vicarious coffee dates and Tim is revising the history of early 90s TV.

Some of the things we discussed in this episode:

Here is the article that inspired our talk with Chris Murray.

Tim referenced this famous experiment.

Dan’s OLT was about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Tim’s OLT was about Zack Morris is Trash. (He especially loves this episode.)

0:00-1:18: Introduction

1:22-14:43: Murray interview

14:47-28:47: 50th episode chat

28:52-31:56: Dan’s OLT

31:57-35:09: Tim’s OLT

35:10-36:10: Credits