#49: Supreme Court Wrap-Up 2019

This month we return to our August tradition of discussing the 2018-19 Supreme Court term with friend-of-the-show Ann Duncan. And in One Last Thing, both Dan and Tim have been watching TV of a supernatural variety.


We burned through a lot of Supreme Court cases in this episode. If you want to read the decisions for yourself, the cases are American Legion v. American Humanist Association (Establishment clause), Box v. Planned Parenthood (abortion), Bucklew v. Precythe (death penalty), Madison v. Alabama (also death penalty), Gamble v. US (abortion again, kind of), and Commerce v. New York (the census).

Ann referenced this tweetstorm by the President of the United States of America and recommended the latest season of NPR’s Embedded.

Dan’s OLT was about the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Tim’s OLT was about the Amazon Prime miniseries Good Omens.

0:00-1:24: Introduction

1:28-40:36: Supreme Court discussion with Dr. Ann Duncan

40:41-43:06: Dan’s OLT

43:06-45:36: Tim’s OLT

45:36-46:40: Credits