#47: Israeli Democratic Erosion and the Museum of the Bible

To start off the summer, we talk this month about the erosion of democracy in Israel and Dan’s recent trip to the Museum of the Bible. NOTE: we recorded this show prior to last week’s announcement that Benjamin Netanyahu is calling for new elections in Israel.

Some of the things we discussed in this episode:

There are lots of good resources on the question of whether Israel is in a democratic backslide, including this Brookings Institute briefing paper and this Vox article.

If you don’t know The Princess Bride, here is the reference Dan was making. But then, if you’ve never seen The Princess Bride, you should really be doing that rather than listening to this show.

Material Dan read about the Museum of the Bible included both Bible Nation by Candida Moss and Joel Baden and Steven Young’s chapter in Christian Tourist Attractions, Mythmaking, and Identity Formation.

And you can read some of Dan’s thoughts about the museum, and see some of his pictures, in the newest area of our web site.

Dan’s One Last Thing was about the AMC/Netflix show The Killing.

Tim’s One Last Thing was about The Good Place: The Podcast and the Cube Rule of Food.


0:00-1:35: Introduction

1:40-23:33: Israeli democratic erosion

23:37-44:51: Museum of the Bible

44:56-48:25: Dan’s OLT

48:25-51:49: Tim’s OLT

51:49-53:01: Credits

53:03-53:28: Outtake