#46: Crisis in the UMC

On this month’s Impolite Conversation, we talk to a scholar and a bishop about the continuing crisis regarding the status of LGBTQ people in the United Methodist Church. First, Iliff School of Theology president Thomas Wolfe shares his thoughts with us. Then Karen Oliveto, the first LGBT bishop in UMC history, spares some moments to consider what the situation means for her and her flock. And in One Last Thing, Dan has been watching TV (again) and Tim has been reading News of the Gross (again).

Some of the things we talked about in this episode:

Here is the statement Dr. Wolfe released to the Iliff community.

And here is Bishop Oliveto’s memoir.

Dan’s OLT was about the Amazon show Hanna.

And Tim’s OLT was about this poor woman.

0:00-1:57: Introductions

2:01-27:41: Wolfe interview

27:46-41:17: Oliveto interview

41:21-43:45: Dan’s OLT

43:46-46:10: Tim’s OLT

46:11-47:13: Credits

47:17-47:22: Outtake