#44: The Trump Prophecy

This month, Impolite Conversation goes to the movies to discuss the Liberty University-produced film The Trump Prophecy and what it tells us about evangelical culture and the connection between the religious right and Donald Trump. And then Dan and Tim chat some more about the film and What It All Means. (Spoiler: we didn’t like it.) And in One Last Thing, Dan is tracking a serial killer, and Tim is watching a woman be killed serially.

Some of the things we discussed in this episode:

The Trump Prophecy is available to rent, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Dr. Willenbrink provided the greatest summary of The Day After Tomorrow we’ve ever heard.

The talking heads in The Trump Prophecy included Jerry Boykin and Michele Bachmann.

Here are the supplements sold by the real Dr. Colbert.

Dr. Willenbrink also introduced us to the term SAGE Cons, but not this kind.

Tim brought up the short-lived, much-mourned TV show Firefly, and how the spaceship was a character on the show.

One Last Thing should be like the music of “Karma Chameleon,” not the lyrics of “Karma Chameleon.”

Dan’s One Last Thing was the BBC series The ABC Murders (also available on Amazon Prime).

Tim’s One Last Thing was the Netflix series Russian Doll. (Trailer NSFW.)

0:00-1:53: Introduction

1:57-39:09: Willenbrink interview

39:14-48:15: Trump Prophecy conversation

48:20-51:20: Dan’s OLT

51:21-54:26: Tim’s OLT

54:26-55:29: Credits