#43: The Faith Profile of the 116th Congress

There’s a new Congress in Washington, DC, so we’re spending this month talking about the growing diversity of the faiths it represents, the ongoing “theistic bias” in representation, and the consequences for American governance.

Some of the things we talked about in this episode:

Here is the Pew report we based our conversation on.

Dan referenced videos reducing the world’s population to 100 representative people. Here’s one.

Tim referenced this graph of the nations of the world by GDP and religiosity.

Dan’s One Last Thing was the BBC America series Killing Eve.

Tim’s One Last Thing was the Amazon Prime series Homecoming.

0:00-1:14: Introductions

1:15-32:38: Congress conversation

32:43-35:43: Dan’s OLT

35:43-38:23: Tim’s OLT

38:23-39:33: Credits

39:38-39:52: Outtake