#39: Christian Nationalism and Gun Control

On this month’s episode, Andrew Whitehead talks to us about his recent article which links Christian nationalism with opposition to gun control. He explains what scholars mean by “Christian nationalism” and how a religion founded long before the invention of either guns or America is used to justify an absolutist reading of the Second Amendment. And in One Last Thing, Tim has been prepping for Halloween and Jack Ryan has been disappointing Dan.

Some of the links for this episode:

Dr. Whitehead’s article, “Gun Control in the Crosshairs,” is available ungated.

Tim’s OLT was about The Adventures of Superhero Girl.

Dan’s OLT was about the Amazon reboot Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

0:00-1:32: Introduction

1:36-25:51: Whitehead interview

25:55-29:52: Tim OLT

29:53-34:52: Dan OLT

34:53-36:01: Credits