#38: Religious Freedom, the Sessions DOJ, and “Satanists” in Arkansas

This month on Impolite Conversation, we dive into the recent headlines to talk about religious freedom and what Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice really means when it uses that term. Then we turn our attention to Arkansas, where Satanists–or really, “Satanists”–erected a goat-headed idol on the statehouse grounds in Little Rock. And in One Last Thing, Dan has been reading a book-length history of Batman and Tim has been reading stories so short, they fit into a single tweet.

Some of the things we discussed in this episode:

The executive orders that frame the first topic are cataloged at the White House web site. You can read more about the Religious Liberty Summit here.

Two books worth reading on church and state issues: Founding Faith by Steven Waldman and The Culture of Disbelief by Stephen Carter.

Three court cases integral to this conversation: Reynolds v. US, Sherbert v. Verner, and Employment Division v. Smith.

There were many articles about the protest in Little Rock, but this may be the best one. Oh, and here’s the petition to name a piece of a septic system after an Arkansas state legislator.

Dan’s OLT was The Caped Crusade by Glen Weldon. He recommends the audiobook.

Tim’s OLT was the Micro Flash Fiction account on Twitter.

0:00-1:34: Introductions

1:35-27:24: Religious Liberty Task Force

27:28-44:47: Protest in Little Rock

44:52-48:32: Dan’s OLT

48:33-51:23: Tim’s OLT

51:24-52:31: Credits

52:35-53:00: Outtakes