#33: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Part II

This month, we continue our exploration of the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict with a discussion about the history of the region since Israel’s founding since 1948. And in One Last Thing, Dan gets reflective about Black Panther and Tim gets excited about a TV show that wants to ruin everything.

Some things we discussed in this month’s show:

Our guest Vaughn Shannon wrote a book about Israel, Palestine, and the United States.

Dan’s OLT was about Black Panther, but more about the hope it gives us for the future.

Tim’s OLT was about Adam Ruins Everything.

0:00-1:19: Introduction

1:20-37:31: Shannon interview

37:36-40:56: Dan’s OLT

40:57-43:43: Tim’s OLT

43:44-45:01: Credits