#32: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Part I

For March, we begin a three-month conversation about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by chatting with the eminent Middle East historian James Gelvin about the roots of the dispute. And in One Last Thing, we’ve all been watching television that we don’t really have time for.

Some of the things we talked about in this episode:

-Dr. Gelvin’s book The Israel-Palestine Conflict: One Hundred Years of War is an excellent primer on the issue, and is available in four different languages.

-Dan’s OLT was about the long-running BBC series Poirot.

-Courtney’s OLT was about the much shorter-running but still excellent The Good Place.

-And Tim’s OLT was about the even shorter-running and much weirder Altered Carbon.

0:00-0:14: Announcement

0:15-1:48: Introduction

1:52-32:10: Gelvin interview

32:15-35:43: Dan’s OLT

35:44-37:52: Courtney’s OLT

37:53-40:38: Tim’s OLT

40:39-41:46: Credits

41:47-41:52: Outtake