#31: Our American Decalogue

In this episode of Impolite Conversation, Jenna Weissman Joselit discusses her new book Set in Stone: America’s Embrace of the Ten Commandments. And in One Last Thing, we all riff on Oprah 2020 after Courtney’s date with the Golden Globes. Plus, Dan has things to say about Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Tim has been streaming some TV shows.

Some of the things we talked about in this episode:

Dr. Weissman Joselit prefers the 1929 version of Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments to the 1956 version.

We debate the Supreme Court’s wisdom in its rulings in Van Orden v. Perry and McCreary County v. ACLU. And that reminded Dr. Weissman Joselit of this mall in Lewisville, TX.

Courtney’s OLT about Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes got us talking.

Dan’s OLT was about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but also a little bit about CinemaSins on YouTube.

Tim’s OLT touched on both Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and Hulu’s Marvel’s Runaways.

0:00-1:42: Introduction

1:42-25:28: Weissman Joselit interview

25:33-32:20: Courtney’s OLT/Oprah talk

32:20-36:15: Dan’s OLT

36:16-38:32: Tim’s OLT

38:33-39:40: Credits

39:42-39:57: Outtakes