#28: The Civil Rights Movement and Taking a Knee

On this episode of Impolite Conversation, we talk to Paul Harvey of the University of Colorado–Colorado Springs about the role religion played in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and how that role has changed in 2017. Then we have a chat about Colin Kaepernick, Donald Trump, and the symbols of civil religion. And in One Last Thing, Dan is hunting serial killers, Courtney is keeping an eye on the halls of power in Beijing, and Tim goes intergalactic.

Some things we talk about in this episode:

During our talk with Dr. Harvey, we mentioned Moral Mondays, the Fight for 15, Stephen Carter’s The Culture of Disbelief, and our own fifth episode. During our chat about football, Courtney referenced Ninian Smart’s seven dimensions of religion.

In One Last Thing, Dan talked about Mindhunter, Courtney discussed the recent Chinese election, and Tim discussed the WHIM between galaxies.

0:00-1:21: Introduction

1:25-16:36: Harvey interview

16:40-32:11: Football conversation

32:16-35:12: Dan’s OLT

35:13-36:39: Courtney’s OLT

36:40-38:41: Tim’s OLT

38:42-39:59: Credits

40:00-40:07: Outtake