#26: Religious Literacy

This month on Impolite Conversation, we talk with Leah Rediger-Schulte, Doane’s new Director of Religious and Spiritual Life, about why religious literacy is important for ourselves, our schools, and our society. And in One Last Thing, Leah studies a nontraditional sacred text, Dan reads about the comic book purges of the 1950s, and Tim goes to see a romantic comedy that’s about more than just romance and comedy.

Some of the things we talked about this month:

Stephen Prothero’s book Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know–And Doesn’t was the inspiration for this episode. Prothero’s quiz is in the back of the book, or you can find it online here.

Dan mentioned Diana Eck’s book Encountering God.

Leah mentioned From Bubble to Bridge, by Marion Larson and Sarah Shady.

Watch the social capital video produced by the Interfaith Youth Core. Or go to their website for lots of other resources.

In One Last Thing, Leah talked about Vanessa Zoltan’s podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.

Dan’s OLT was on The Ten-Cent Plague, by David Hajdu.

Finally, Tim’s OLT was about The Big Sick.

0:00-1:34 Opening

1:34-36:48 Rediger-Schulte interview

36:53-38:41 Rediger-Schulte OLT

38:42-43:36 Clanton OLT

43:37-47:59 Hill OLT

48:00-49:50 Closing

42-54-50:01 Outtakes