#24: Being Gay and Mormon

Dan is in China this month, so our student Ashley Van Fleet is in his chair giving the show a dose of youthful energy. We talk to Ryan Cragun about his work examining how the LDS church has changed the way it talks about LGBTQ folks in the past 40 years, and then William Bradshaw chats with us about his work on the factors that help explain which GBTQ men are more or less likely to have trouble reconciling their sexual and religious identities. And in One Last Thing, Ashley has been watching slam poetry and Tim is getting ready to watch a celestial show.

Some of the things we talked about this month:

Tim mentioned The Angel and the Beehive by Armond Mauss, and Dr. Cragun referenced the work of John Dehlin.

Ashley mentioned the new Wonder Woman film, and also poetry by Haley Moseley, Victoria Morgan, Kayla Q, Olivia Gatwood, and Sarah Kay.

And finally, Tim is, ironically, over the moon about the upcoming solar eclipse.


0:00-1:40: Opening

1:40-27:36: Cragun interview

27:41-38:23: Bradshaw interview

38:27-41:18: Van Fleet OLT

41:19-43:45: Hill OLT

43:45-45:02: Closing