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#27: Rohingya Genocide and Philippine Crucifixion

We’re happy to announce that this month’s Imp Convo is the first for our new co-host, Courtney Bruntz! After two years of making the show, we finally have someone involved who knows what she’s talking about.

And since we have expertise on our panel, we’re digging into it this month. First, Courtney walks us through the roots of the genocide currently being perpetrated against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. And then Dan gives us a preview of his latest research into Philippine crucifixion rituals. (Hint: he’s found a comics connection.) And in One Last Thing, Courtney does doga, Dan gets poetic about The Defenders, and Tim can’t get rid of The Babadook.

Some things we talked about this month:

The Rohingya refugee crisis has fallen off the front pages, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone away.

Heartfelt Heroes has an active Facebook page, which includes pictures of Hawkgirl.

Vice News has a short film about the Philippine crucifixion ritual. Please note that you are clicking on a film about people allowing themselves to be crucified. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

In One Last Thing, Courtney talks doga, Dan talks Defenders, and Tim talks Babadook.

0:00-2:07 Opening

2:08-25:12 Rohingya genocide

25:13-47:13 Philippine crucifixion rituals

47:14-49:32 Courtney OLT

49:33-51:11 Dan OLT

51:12-54:11 Tim OLT

54:12-55:33 Closing